Interior Highlights

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Luxurious inside and out, Elveden Court boasts tremendous curb appeal matched only by its high-design interiors. Our interior design details have been carefully selected for quality, style and durability. Thoughtfully curated design selections ensure homes that are not only beautiful but pleasantly liveable.

Interior Design Selection:

Elveden Court Logo

Owners of the Elveden Court Villas can select from one of three tasteful interior design inspirations, curated by our skilled interior design team. With three distinct colour palettes—light, warm and dark—and unique design styles, you’re sure to find your perfect fit.

Interior Style: Coastal Warmth


Coastal shores, rocky beaches, driftwood and seashells served as our inspiration for the colours, textures and mood of this light and modern interior design style.

STYLE: Modern

COLOUR PALETTE: Beiges, greys and rich browns accented by pops of bright white and black

TONE: Light

Inspired by sea shores and the treasures they bring.

Interior Style: Edgy


Smooth lines, metallic tones, glossy surfaces and industrial textures served as our inspiration for the cool and edgy feel of this distinctly-now interior style for the Smart Homes of today.

STYLE: Contemporary

COLOUR PALETTE: Ivory, grey and pewter with bold use of browns and black

TONE: Cool

Inspired by today’s modern technology.

Interior Style: Timeless


Warm tones, luxurious textures, beautifully-veined marble, and rich woods work seamlessly together to weave a timeless and classic effect in this interior design selection.

STYLE: Modern/Transitional

COLOUR PALETTE: Gorgeous greys, taupes, ivories and warm browns are accented by soft browns

TONE: Warm

Inspired by the intricate textures of marble, wood grain and rich fabrics.